Travis A. Merritt

Travis A. Merritt is now a second-year law student at Willamette College of Law. Prior to law school, Travis received his medical degree in 2014 from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland. He has used his knowledge of the medical arts to assist Bowerman Law Group’s litigation team in defending medical malpractice cases and in prosecuting personal injury claims involving complex medical issues.

Travis recently joined the prestigious Willamette Law Review. With degrees in public health policy and medicine, Travis is posed to become a serious threat to opposing counsel. A longtime Oregonian, Travis looks forward to practicing law for the benefit of our community.


Vanessa G. Aaron

Vanessa G. Aaron will be a first-year student this fall at the Lewis and Clark Law School. Before making the decision to pursue a law degree, Vanessa was employed as an Air Traffic Control Specialist. Vanessa began her career in the U.S. Air Force followed by a position at the Federal Aviation Administration. Based on this experience, Senior Partner Donald Bowerman immediately recognized Vanessa’s potential to become a great aviation litigator.

Vanessa’s hard work and her commitment to assisting Bowerman Law Group’s clients throughout the summer has exceeded our expectations. Once she has obtained her license to practice law, we fully expect to see Vanessa in the courtroom advocating for her clients’ aviation issues.


Kashyapa A. Bandara

Kashyapa A. Bandara (“Kash”) began working at Bowerman Law Group this fall as part of his Clackamas Middle College course study. Since a young age, Kash’s parents have encouraged him to become a lawyer. Since completing his required hours, Kash has continued to work at Bowerman Law Group, assisting with motion drafting, witness preparation, and case filing.

Kash’s attention to detail and strong work ethic have inspired our firm. We believe that Mr. Bandara will be successful no matter what career path he chooses. While our team hopes that he will one day join the Oregon Bar, Kash is one of the seldom-met individuals who carries the promise of helping clients and communities wherever he chooses to go.